If you’re running a systemized dental practice, hit the back button.

Elite Dental Practices Use a 6-Step Blueprint to Increase Their Production Per Hour (and You Can Too!)

Strategic Revenue Bootcamp will hand you that blueprint to speed up practice growth, generate a steady flow of high-quality patients, and stop you from wasting valuable marketing dollars.

The No-Fluff Marketing Course That Tells You Exactly How to Create an Automated, Profitable Practice

Say goodbye to…

Throwing money at ads, a new website, or SEO

Wasting your team’s time with marketing that doesn’t work

Wasting your time on leads who don’t value your service

Being handcuffed to HMOs and PPOs

And finally gain…

The freedom to take that much-needed vacation while your practice runs like clockwork

Peace of mind to get predictable revenue even during unpredictable times

Elite practice status where you’re attracting the right patients on autopilot

Control of your legacy, so you can run a business while making a lasting impact

Everyone is very quick to talk about ad spend. You’re the only one who said, ‘You need to take a second from that. You need to figure out how much you have going on at your office first and fix all the holes.” - Parth Kansagra

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with everything you’re talking about. I’ve talked to so many marketing people. I’m blown away by what you do.” - Paige D'Angelo

It’s about the strategy. It’s not another website. We can all build websites, but what’s important is to get my message out there. You’re killing it. I love the community you’ve surrounded yourself with.” - Dr. Tony Nguyen

“I appreciate this information because a lot of the companies focus on websites and SEO. None of them aren’t really talking about how to retain the patient and keep the patient. It’s really the foundation of it.” - Ari Ahmadi

Your Bootcamp Cheerleader

Shannon Mackey

CEO, Roadside Dental Marketing

Started in the dental industry in 1987

Founded her dental marketing agency in 1999

Helped 2500+ dentists nationwide to scale and grow their unique practices

“For 20+ years, I’ve seen dentists struggle with the same things: not enough high-ticket cases, an overwhelmed team, and not seeing a clear ROI with their marketing. So we created Strategic Revenue Bootcamp. Our goal is to give you the tools, frameworks, and roadmaps to take your practice growth to the next level.

Headshot of Shannon Mackey

What’s Inside Strategic Revenue Bootcamp

No fluff. No BS marketing tactics.

Marketing Wheel of Fortune Workshop

You’ll learn the 6 key areas you must master to properly grow your practice. This includes:

Looking at the low-hanging fruit in your patient database to quickly inject cash into the practice

Building a strong brand and message to bring in the right patients

Setting up automated systems, so you always stay top of mind without lifting a finger

Creating a high-end culture that surprises, delights, and wows your patients

Connect marketing with your revenue so you make smart business decisions

Bonus Cheat Sheets + Templates

New Patient Enrollment Cheat Sheet

You’ll get the same call script our campaign strategist used for her husband’s dental practice, contributing to $1.4 million of additional production in 1 year.

Preview of the New Patient Enrollment Cheat Sheet
Preview of our text messaging sequences

Copy-and-Paste Templates + Scripts

You’ll get text messages and call scripts we use for our marketing campaigns that generate actual revenue, like:

$128,978 for Beyond Just Smiles

48 new patients for Seattle Specialty Dentistry

All done in under 90 days!

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Marketing Wheel of Fortune Workshop (Valued at $3500)

New Patient Enrollment Cheat Sheet (Valued at $500)

Copy-and-Paste Templates + Scripts (Valued at $500)

Total Value = $4500

You pay = $0

“What I love about Roadside Dental Marketing is that they help our members create long-term marketing strategies so they see real practice growth AND don’t have to do unnecessary work.

“I've seen AADOM members evolve with thinking strategy first, and their marketing completely changes. They build a relationship directly with the patient.

- Heather Colicchio, Founder and President of AADOM

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